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March 30, 2017
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April 14, 2017

Eye-Opening Digital Marketing Stats and Facts for Marketers

As social media usage continues to grow rapidly, it’s essential that entrepreneurs and online marketers should implement a social media marketing strategy for their business. The main part of any strategy is to understand the latest trends and facts that can affect the bottom line of your efforts.

These are some interesting and eye-opening insights that help businesses to understand the power of digital marketing:

  •         More than 81% of Millennials check their Twitter account at least once a day.
  •         Snapchat reaches 41% of individuals aged between 18-34 years in US only.
  •         Nearly 22% of the whole world’s population use Facebook and 76% of those users check their Facebook daily.
  •         80% of time spent on social media happens on smartphones.

With the excess usage of smartphones, Google has recently announced a shift to a mobile first index which truly highlights the fact that all businesses need to create mobile-optimized websites and mobile apps in order to get the desired results from their marketing mix.

Are you considering using social media marketing to promote your business in 2017? It’s high time to have a look at some facts and figures to help you create and execute your digital marketing strategy. We have shared some amazing digital marketing statistics in this infographic, check it out!


Digital Marketing Stats and Facts for Marketers

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