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Close your eyes and reminisce about your favorite brands, such as McDonald’s, Twitter, Starbucks, and Nike. What images conjured up in your mind? A golden arch, a blue birdie, a goddess, or a tick perhaps, instead of a more logical formidable Big Mac, a hilarious tweet, a steaming cup of a caramel macchiato, or a striking pair of trainers? I’m sure your brain instantly linked the logo to the word. These brands are instantly recognizable by their universally ubiquitous symbols, as they don’t need even a single letter of text to define their brand.

The visual identity of a logo can make or break the brand’s impression in the eyes of potential consumers. Your brand logo serves as a true indicator of your business value, loyalty, and togetherness. Seeing a logo can trigger how you feel about a brand and what it offers. These epic icons are a visual representation of your company that delivers a lasting impression and attract your target audience.

When it comes to designing a logo, even a seemingly insignificant detail can make a huge difference. These details give way to a great concept and result in a classic, memorable logo that is authentic yet professional in its touch. Logo designing is an intricate task which requires careful planning and meticulousness during the entire process. You must learn to focus on every important detail – from the use of a perfect font which is an embodiment of your tone and style, to the color palette employed, down to the use of negative space and geometric shapes, and of course alignment with the 2018’s logo design trends, in order to create a winning logo design for your brand.

Remember that simplicity always reigns supreme, so keep away from needless frills and design something that serves to capture the eye within a fraction of a second. Never rush through a logo, take your time, do your diligent research and don’t settle for an identity that is anything less than impressive. Invest your time, energy and efforts to come up with the best logo design possible. Build your brand identity with the help of this master recipe shared by Branex’s logo design experts to create or redesign your logo in 2018 and give it a clean, fresh and modernized look:

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