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While COVID 19 is impacting the lives of millions, there is still an upsurge in the online market related to reservations for online tour and travel. There’s a lot going on in the digital world and among many searches, some of the most commonly searched terms by the average UAE population include key phrases such as vacation packages, amazing stays, theme parks, cruise & dinners, and much more.

Research data from Airbnb and Oyo provide such research metrics that indicate what people are interested in searching during the lockdown phase. While we can’t say for sure how many people will be interested in travel and tourism once the lockdown lifts, but if there’s one thing for sure, many individuals are abundantly searching such key terms and searching up the latest trends in tourism.

Based on what the people are searching for, we have come up with a few basic marketing strategies for UAE tourism industry that we believe every tour operator offering its services in the UAE should consider.

With more than a million people searching key phrases like best hotel rooms to stay and cheap airline tickets, it’s only fair if you, as a tour operator, should dive into tested online tactics to boost your business.

What are the marketing tactics that can outshine your tourism business from the rest? Read on.

Understand What Your Target Audience is Searching

Whether you’re operating in the UAE’s travel & tourism industry as an independent ticketing website, a homestay aggregator, a vacation aggregator or something else related to online tourism, your target market is a subset of the overall search volume falling in the travel & tourism category.

As a tourism business, if you’re going to target a wide audience, there’s a high chance that you may fail to get the attention you desire for your digital business. Hence, it is best that you select a subset.

For example, if somebody is more interested in going on a cruise in Dubai, you can make use of that audience and market them with the best discounts, travel packages, cheap hotel stays and more. You can survey such audiences by using dedicated tools from Google & Bing, which provides in-depth detail on searches performed by defined demographics.

For instance, 68% of the searches, including the key phrase “vacation ideas” are usually performed by the female gender belonging to the age group 35-49. Relevant searches will provide in-depth detail on who your target audience is and it will help you devise a much powerful content marketing strategy to grasp their attention & convert.

Understand that Online Search Experience Changes

Search experiences have changed from the traditional ways of coming across a paid ad and clicking on it to engaging and emotionally exciting the audience through compelling content.

Content has become a pivotal source to make sure the audience develops an interest in your service.

Some use pictorial graphics and a remarkable story-telling to grasp the attention, while others create Vlogs and publish them on platforms like YouTube and other platforms to attract their audiences.

One way or the other, the online research experience has grown from just clicking an ad impulsively to a refined research-oriented approach where people spend time before they decide their next destination. Right now, COVID 19 is having quite an impact on our lives because of which many of us are under strict lockdown. Numerous people now have plenty of time on their clock, which has given them the opportunity to plan their vacations. Once the lockdown lifts, some of them will require inspiration to pick their plans up from where they left off and more emotional experience can help.

Just like the target audience, marketers working to stabilize the tourism industry in UAE should also focus on creating such memorable experiences for their target audience when they have the time. Once the lockdown lifts, they will have plenty of time to share these experiences on social media and websites to engage their target audience. Create experiences & plan specific content to get the best.

Understand that Tourism and Vacations is Time-Bound

UAE is a tropical region and because of its atmosphere, a majority of people visit UAE for their vacations in the summer season. The search volume on Google presents the same suggestion. People eventually start searching about vacations from April and carry on forward until September. If you are an SEO marketing executive working in an SEO based firm, you will eventually observe that most of the searches performed for theme parks and hotels are done in these four months of the summer season. Now depending on which market you serve, use powerful content to engage audiences during the right time of the season.

Whether you like it or not, this should be a core part of your overall digital marketing strategies for UAE tourism business operating in the heart of the UAE.

Lastly, In the Wake of Social Media Ads, Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Do you know that a research conducted by Monetate reveals that nothing converts visitors more effectively than a well-designed email campaign? Yes, the power of email marketing goes beyond that.

Compared to social media campaigns, the email market still has a better ratio of getting read.

It all bubbles down to how effectively you have worked on preparing the best content for your emails. If you are using a decent template to complement your tourism packages and an interesting way to reach out. You will simply be amazed at how many individuals are just interested in travelling.

Those who didn’t even plan just might accept the affordable prices you’re offering and come visit.

In Conclusion

UAE is the heart of tourism where people from around the world visit to spend their summer vacations. This pandemic has now become a part of our lives. It’s something that we can’t ignore and we will now have to accept and live with it. Slowly, the markets are now reopening in different parts of the world and effect, so is the tourism industry. The world is now going back to its normal life soon.

As a tourism business, if you’re unable to devise a digital marketing strategy, then you’re only going to fall behind in the rat race. Branex is a web design and digital marketing company that caters to the services of creating remarkable digital strategies and online products to sell your business remarkably in the market.

Do you want to build yourself a thriving online presence? Contact Us now and let us help you build it.

Ashad Ubaid
Ashad Ubaid
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