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January 8, 2018

The Fall of Social Media Organic Reach – How to Re-Engage your Customers?

Back in the year 1984, I was fascinated by Doomsday. In his movie “The Terminator”,James Cameron portrayed a phenomenal view of how the world will end. That thought kept me awake for several nights. Who will save us from our Doomsday?

If you own a business or are running a digital campaign for a company, chances are that you must have had to contend with the steep fall of organic reach. In the year 2016, the organic reach of Facebook plummet down to 52%. Authorities were hustled in. Digital Marketers were consulted. And even the social media fanatics were left in a conundrum as to what has trespassed.

Right when the marketers were about to recover from the wreckage, another update stormed the market. In the year 2017, Buzzsumo released an update which resulted in a further 20% drop in social media marketing organic reach. This made things disturbing for the young Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even well-established businesses that expected a greater reach in social media.

It was rather disappointing to hear no updates from the officials of Facebook pertaining to the sudden drop in their social media organic reach. But whatever the case maybe, now is the time to step-up the game and overcome the problem.

The best way to tackle a problem is to deal with it hands-on. And this is what we will be doing here. Here are some expert tips that can help you tackle the decline of the social media organic reach in an organized manner:

More and more users are leveraging social media platforms to interact, connect and built connections with other people. Although Twitter has increased their character limit to 280 characters, this doesn’t mean that you can use the same content on both Facebook and Twitter. It is all about discovering where your audience really is, and how you can deliver your message in a way that will make them listen.

Creating different content for each platform and audience takes time. But yes, everything will pay off once the produced content relates to the audience that frequents that platform.

For instance, check out this pot by ZenDesk:


Now the same link was posted with a twist on a different social media platform.

Zendesk 2

  • Feature Useful Content Even If it is not Yours

Contrary to the popular belief, when we think of marketing, we only think of marketing our products. As the people started experiencing brands, they came to realize that marketing is not just all about bragging about your products and services.

Understand that being social is more about sharing content that is useful to your audience. Regardless of whether the content you post is original or not, you need to study the likelihood of your audience and share content that resonates with them.

By sharing something that engages your audience, you are giving them the reason to trust you. And you are also keeping them updated on what is current in the industry.

It’s a win-win situation that will help align your brand with like-minded organizations in your industry.

  • Understand the Social Media Algorithms

As soon as you log-in to any social media account, you are presented with tons of content that you can relate to. How does this happen? Every social media platform notices your reading behavior and interests, and the ingenious algorithms scan for content pieces that are bound to pique your interest.

For a social media marketer, it is necessary to understand how the algorithms work. Because once we get to grips with the inner workings of such algorithms, it can help us leverage them to our advantage and boost our social media organic reach.

On Facebook, the algorithm follows and interlinks everything that relates to your friends, family, and entertainment on the third level. For a detailed description of how this works, you can check the post titled How Facebook Algorithms work, and see how you can increase your organic reach.When it comes to Instagram on the other hand, the pictures you like and comment on, become your favorite content and everything is built around that.

Even though Twitter keeps revamping its algorithm,all renditions are centered on showing you the most trending tweets that are being posted in your region. There are 100,000 ways of helping algorithms evolve. The best approach is to keep an eye on the changing algorithms. Experiment with what is working for you and what is not.

  • Keep a Separate Budget for Social Media

The thing about social media budget is that young Entrepreneurs and even small business owners don’t understand how much budget they need to allocate ideally to social media. If you want to boost your social media reach, you need to turn out your pockets and stop being haggardly.Even if you are just starting out, you need to assign a certain budget to social media sponsored posts.

You can even use sponsored posts to be creative with your ad campaigns. For this, you need to study what the famous brands are already doing in the market and the requirements of different platforms. For instance, you need to be mindful of the fact that optimal size for News Feed photo ads is 1200×628 pixels;any other part of the photo will be automatically cropped out and deemed useless. This is how Nature box made the best use of visuals to create a creative copy:

One thing you need to ensure is that separate ads are designed for mobile. Here is how NY Times used an authoritative tone to offer some valuable content on their ad.


The greatest thing about social media is that you have an unlimited power to create, test, and find out what is working for your brand and what is not. These are some of the options that brands are using to engage their audience. They are hugely successful, and if you try them out, you could fill in their shoes.

What do you think? What methods do you use to make sure your products are interacted with? Regale us with tales of your product post mega-hits in the comments below!

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