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The Ultimate Photography Guide for Natural Looking Websites

There’s a lot that goes in the background of a website design. It comprises of various elements that may or may not include, or not limited to, web development, great copy, marketing, SEO and even photography.

You must have heard about how web designers and art directors are into photography, there’s a reason for that. There are a whole bunch of lessons from photography that can be implied in the web design and development.

Apart from a passion that designers hold for photography, it also has a special use in the business websites. Also, given the fact that the focus these days is on quality images for the website, good photography tips can really come in handy to better the website designs.

Photo choices matter and there could be no other substitute design element on a website that could be so impactful as a high quality photo. So enhance the website layout with a refurbished overall experience, all of this with the help of photography.

Here’s how you can better it all with an ignited passion in photography.

Contextual photos are awesome

The photos that perfectly fit the scenario are the best. Their relevancy should be such that it should complement the piece of content.

Take an example of hero shots. They make a lasting impression because they are gigantic in nature and those brands that do utilize hero shots make sure that they are creating a relevancy with the content.

Ecommerce websites these days are also using real people to present the clothes. It helps in understanding how will a particular piece of clothing will look like when worn.

Give your visitors enough room to connect with the brand. So shoot photos that are authentic in nature and blend in contextually within the website.

Abnormal compositions work fine

Centered photos may not be the best choice with candid photography taking over. When taken from different angles, appearing in a corner or towards a particular side, that is when the real beauty strikes in.

Blurring focus points, for close or far-away objects, is yet another great technique that can get you to pay attention to specific part of the photo only. It helps in giving composition a little more dynamic touch that makes a picture beautiful.

You don’t always have to be clean and pristine to click a picture. Playing around with composition can teach you the focus, depth and how to locate items correctly in the shot.

Say no to blank backgrounds

You will find most of the stock photos meant for marketplaces having a white/black background to give the product some prominence. But then those are for product view only and don’t have a sales-y feeling about them.

That could hold up well in an ecommerce setting but you can always do better. Picking up a stock photo can do that to you but a professional photo can help you escape from this boredom. Choose beautiful background that blend in well with the object in focus.

Opt for wide angled views

Most of the websites are seen as running content columns that includes paragraphs spanning wider rather than longer. It would also require scrolling down for more content.

However, if you use wider photos, it suddenly becomes easier to see everything in a single shot. There’s also enough room for the content that kills two birds with one stone.

So exclude taller photos as they hog the monitor space. This is why landscape views are always better than portrait views. Their utility in the web is remarkable not only in terms of beauty but efficiency in taking up space and still leaving room for more content.

Find quality stock sources

Okay so we may not always have time to actually use custom photos for all the content that we produce or have on the website. This requires for stock images.

Internet is fascinating and is full of some amazing sources that are ready for you to exploit. Getty Images and Pexel are two of such sources that stands as a plethora of some of the most awe-inspiring photos that can be used as stock on your website.

These good quality stock sources can also be utilized for commercial projects as a web design agency or a freelance web designer.

Photography doesn’t come quickly to just about everyone. This is just one way of learning to be a good web designer. Just focus on the website content and creating relevancy in that content and pictures. Don’t overdo your website with bundles of images and you are good to go.

Remember: Look for quality and present the same in all that you do.

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