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These Strategies Will Help Brands in Dubai – Reach Their Target Audience on Social Media

Whether you are running a small business in UAE, or have an established enterprise, expanding your social media reach has now become indispensable for brands of every size and type. Social media is considered one of the best and easiest ways to market your products and services to your target audience and convince them to take the desired action. Since the competition is getting fiercer by the day, you need to come up with some smart and interesting strategies to expand your organic reach on social media.

But the question is, how to make sure your brand content will reach your target audience?

With the advent of paid advertising techniques, it has become a daunting task for brands to build brand awareness and boost their organic reach on social media. Many famous brands have started to invest their efforts, time and energy towards crafting strategies to promote their brand and create maximum user engagement.

Here are some awesome strategies that businesses in Dubai can use to reach their prospective customers on social media and expand their organic reach.

Let’s delve into them.

Use Brand-Oriented Hashtags

Believe it or not, hashtags are a great way to make your content searchable and give your business profile a significant boost. You can use hashtags in the captions of your social media posts that make it easier for people to search for your content. Your posts will show in search results when users search for a particular hashtag.

You can harness the power of branded hashtags in your social media posts to organize your marketing campaigns and procure user-generated content that you can use for myriad purposes. Branded hashtags can be your brand’s tagline, name of your products, your brand’s story or campaign name that you want to promote on social media. Adding branded hashtags to your social media content is indeed an effective strategy to increase your brand visibility and the message that you want to convey to your audience.

So, use branded hashtags when creating your next social media post to expose your brand to a wider audience.

Create Engaging Content

Strategies Will Help Brands in Dubai

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Your content strategy should be devised for your target audience to drive maximum engagement. You can improve the effectiveness of your content by simply creating posts that align with your business goals and encourage users to engage with your brand. In order to capture the interest of your potential customers, it is advised to create informative posts, compelling images, interesting infographics, GIFs, SlideShare, and other stimulating content as a part of your strategy.

One thing that you need to keep in mind while creating a social media content marketing strategy for your business is that it should fulfill the needs of your audience and align with your business goals.

Image courtesy: CoSchedule


Optimize Your Business Profiles

Keep in mind that your brand face matters the most, no matter where you show up. It is critically important to optimize your business profiles on each social media network to maintain a loyal and massive following. Optimization of your social media profiles can make it easier for your target audience to get to know what your business is all about.

Make sure that you have the same profile picture on all your social media networks. You can use your brand logo to represent your business and stay on top of your prospective customers’ minds. However, using different photos and logos can dilute your brand’s visual identity. You can use the right keywords in your profile description to be discovered for your business, industry, or niche.

When people search for a particular keyword, your business profile will appear on search results. Incorporating the right keywords in your descriptions will help your audience understand what you do and the type of products and services you are promoting. You can highlight your brand story, expertise, and USPs to make your profile powerful. You can also add links to your website, top-selling products, or blog. Don’t forget to specify your business location and working hours.

For instance, let’s look at Hootsuite.

They use the same color scheme, profile picture, and theme across all social networks.

Run a Social Media Contest

Running a social media contest is a great strategy to get your brand noticed and build a strong following around it. The ultimate goal of creating a contest is to increase brand visibility and attract new users. A contest will catch the attention of industry influencers and high-profile bloggers which can play the main role in expanding your reach.

By creating a social media contest, you can also generate maximum engagement with your followers, increase brand awareness and convert visitors into customers. Furthermore, by offering an exciting prize, you can persuade users to follow your brand and become your loyal brand advocates.

Not to mention, in addition to expanding your brand reach and attracting more users, social media contests can also be used to promote your products and services which will eventually create a positive impact on your company’s sales.

Harness the Power of Infographics

Infographics are one of the most important visual pieces that have great potential to capture the interest of more and more users. When you design an infographic and share it on your social media networks, chances are that it will get more attention and engagement. When users click on the infographic, they will be taken to your website, which will eventually increase traffic and conversion rate.

Wrapping Up

Building and expanding your social media reach is no easy feat. It entails a lot of effort, determination and a smart strategy. Businesses in Dubai are advised to use these easy and effective tactics to reach their target audience, grow a strong, loyal community and stand out from the crowd. An online marketing company in Dubai will help you devise a solid social media marketing strategy for your business to reach a wider audience, promote your products and services and generate maximum user engagement.

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