How to make an app like Foodonclick in Dubai
How to Make an App Like Foodonclick in Dubai
January 24, 2019
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January 30, 2019

5 Incredible Business Ideas in Dubai to Start on a Shoestring Budget


Dubai is one of the most attractive and lucrative business destinations for any brand that wants to capture the attention of a swiftly growing market of the United Arab Emirates, Asia, Africa. The strategic geolocation of the city makes it a perfect business hub, opening doors for businesses to target a huge market.

With a perfect blend of feasible immigration formalities, 100% foreign membership, free zones, amazing infrastructure facilities, corporate tax exemption and myriad opportunities for starting a small business, Dubai is the ideal place to run a successful business. Furthermore, economic stability, investor-friendly government, healthy business climate, and massive exposure are the main factors that encourage entrepreneurs to launch their business in Dubai.

If you are thinking to launch your business in Dubai, here are some out-of-the-box business ideas in Dubai that you can start with minimal capital.

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Let’s dive into them.

Real Estate Business

Opening a real estate company in Dubai is an amazing idea as the real estate industry is the most lucrative economic sectors in Dubai. A large number of foreign investors and expats are relocating in the region for a myriad of reasons which is gradually increasing the demands of buying and selling rental properties in Dubai. Before setting up a real estate business in Dubai, make sure to choose the type of company (the sole proprietorship, the limited liability company, the civil company, or the free zone establishment) you are thinking to launch. Once you have decided the type of legal structure of your real estate venture, register your business, obtain trade name certificate and the final license.

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Travel and Tourism

There is no denying the fact that Dubai allures millions of tourists each year as the city has luxurious hotels, the world’s biggest skyscraper, and the largest mall, and the most popular and amazing tourist attractions. In fact, it is one of the top 10 tourist destinations all across the globe and attracts business and luxury travelers. Starting a travel and tourism business in Dubai is definitely a profitable venture for young entrepreneurs. From restaurants to food delivery services, hotels to transportation and photography, you can offer a number of services. In order to start your travel and tourism business, you need to get an appropriate tourism license to legally start your services.

IT Industry

Web designing and development, e-commerce, mobile apps, digital marketing, and online business are the most viable business opportunities for entrepreneurs and tech professionals. The buying pattern of the consumers in this digital age has changed the way products are services are purchased. More and more people are looking for buying products online which are opening the doors for people interested in the information technology industry.

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You will find a number of business opportunities in the IT sector, from setting up a digital marketing agency to providing web designing and development services, creating an e-commerce store to launching a food delivery app like Foodonclick, offering content marketing services to mobile app development services, there are nearly innumerable tech business ideas and investment opportunities in Dubai for upcoming entrepreneurs.

Recruitment Agency

Believe it or not, Dubai is one of the dream destinations for foreign citizens to work and find a good job opportunity. Opening a recruitment agency in Dubai is a sensible idea that will help companies in Dubai to find the right talent. Setting up a job agency is one of the best business ideas in UAE that will help expats to find their dream job through your channel. The best thing about starting a recruitment business in Dubai is the minimal investment. You need to choose the niche, research the job market, come up with a business plan, select the office location, obtain a license, and promote your services.

Retail Industry

The economic stability of the region has opened a number of investment opportunities in Dubai for locals, tourists, and expats. Online retailing is one the fastest growing industries in the UAE. Launching a retail store in Dubai is a lucrative idea for investors and entrepreneurs that will help them generate maximum profit. In order to open a retail shop in Dubai, you need to find a local sponsor, Dubai trade license, business jurisdiction, rent a shop, complete all the registration and paperwork.

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Key Takeaways

Dubai is a breathtaking city that is known for its well-established economy, world-class infrastructure, and a luxurious lifestyle. When it comes to entrepreneurship, it provides a myriad of business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs and new startups. Starting a business in Dubai is a worthwhile decision you can take, the above-mentioned business ideas in Dubai will help you launch your own business with minimal capital and allow you to earn maximum profits. Whether you want to start your real estate business or an online store, Branex web design company is here to create a responsive website for your business that will eventually increase your business reach and credibility while helping you gain a lot of profits.

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui, surely a blogger/Digital marketer from Mars making some waving on this earth. Writing for 8 straight years, Muneeb is equipped with digital knowledge like no one else. Mostly he writes about mobile app development Dubai, corporate branding, e-commerce tips and tricks, Entrepreneurship, and web design company Dubai . He loves drinking Tea and has a passion for innovating, educating and motivating people to live life to its fullest. Connect with him on: Twitter | LinkedIn


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