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Follow These Website Design Guidelines to Create Remarkable Websites (Updated 2021)

Website Design Guidelines in 2020

Website design is important because it decides how the average audience perceives your brand. If you want to see your brand see the light of success, then you need to make sure to send the right impression. It is the impression that you leave, which helps them decide whether they should stick around and navigate through your website pages, or choose a different alternative and turn towards your competitor.

In short, good website design will ensure that a prospect stays on your website page.

To ensure that your website design grasps the maximum audience attention, you must design your website, keeping several website design guidelines in 2021 and make the most of it.

Today, I am going to discuss ten important website design guidelines in 2021 that will ensure your website’s success in the online world. Therefore, let’s check these website design guidelines.

Top 10 Website Design Guidelines in 2021 One Must Consider to Become Successful

I have taken out some time to search up the best website design guidelines in 2021 to create a remarkable digital experience for your business. They are as follows.

Keep Your Web Design Simple

When designing a website, make sure not to cramp all of the information on a single page. By doing so, you will create a lot of confusion for your visitors. If a visitor comes to your website and feels frustrated, why in the world would he or she opt-in to get services from you. A decluttered interface can have a remarkably positive impact. All you have to do is keep your pages simple and it will become stress-free.

Maintain Consistency in Web Design

Make sure your web pages are all consistent in design. When shifting through various pages, make sure the audience doesn’t feel like they are visiting a new website every time they shift from one web page to another. Therefore, it is very important to address that your website has a consistent layout. Make sure every page on your website has the same design pattern, colours and if you can manage, then structuring.

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Create a Lasting Impression

What happens when you meet someone for the first time? You leave an everlasting impression so they remember you. The same goes for your website. If your website leaves a memorable impression, there’s a high chance your customer will never forget you. And the next time they need a service that you’re offering, they will surely recall your website and visit you on the Internet to check your offers.

Choose Colors to Complement the Brand

Another important thing that you need to address while designing a website is the colours that you will select. The right colour selection can ensure your website’s success, whereas the wrong colour selection can make your website a failure. When you choose colours for your website, make sure to create a palette of 4-5 colours that you find best. When adding colours, ensure the text is readable and doesn’t dissolve in it.

Identify Potential Errors in the Website

Even the best masterpieces can often be misjudged because of a minor error. A good web design agency in Dubai will always make sure their website is error-free. Check your website thoroughly for broken links, non-loading images, typo mistakes and other things. Ask a webmaster to do the same for you. See if your HTML & CSS codes are working properly and check again for syntax errors. Fix them before going live.

An Intuitive Navigation is a Game

One of the worst feelings is when you are unable to get the right direction, especially when you’re at the mall shopping for a particular product. Similarly, if your website doesn’t have good navigation, a customer will find it challenging to learn about your product/services and will eventually choose to walk away from you. Now, you certainly don’t want to experience that, do you? Best, you in still intuitive navigation.

Make Sure the Website is Responsive

More than 95% of the individuals access the Internet through their respective smartphones. Besides, Google now favours responsive websites more than it supports any other form of websites. It’s why business owners are encouraged to create websites with responsive web design so people can access your website from a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktop computers.

Develop Sites Keeping Browser Compatibility in Mind

All browsers are expected to render website pages the same way, but unfortunately, they don’t. It’s best that you test your website in a variety of browsers initially to ensure that your website is running smoothly across all of the browsers. When you are able to identify loopholes in your website beforehand, it becomes highly rewarding for you. Later on, you will never have to respond to complaints from the visitors.

Hire a Professional to Code Your Website

Whether it’s front-end or back-end, make sure you hire a professional to code your website rather than doing it all on your own. Even if you’ve got a technical background, it’s best that you let the market professionals do the work for you. When you hire a professional agency to develop your website, not only can you have the extreme freedom to make changes as you desire, but you can also add more new ones.

Lastly, Focus on the Content You’re Publishing

No website can truly become a success unless it has highly engaging content. A beautiful website might be aesthetically pleasing, but if it fails to convert your visitor, the purpose of your website is flawed. Hence, it is increasingly important that you design a website where you can publish unique and engaging content, which will eventually make your website user-friendly and attract more visitors to come/engage.

To wrap it up

And there you are, here are the ten web design guidelines in 2021 that I believe are important to address. As a website owner, it is your responsibility to make sure these web design guidelines in 2021 are well met. Unless your website doesn’t meet these guidelines, you won’t be able to create an impact in the online world. Are you searching for a professional agency to build you a remarkable Internet presence? Branex can help you create one. Get the best online experience with the best web design company in Dubai.

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