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November 14, 2016
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3 Common SEO Mistakes that Destroy Real-Estate Websites

Real estate is all about selling in a highly-competitive market. The need for homes and living-spaces is one which may never cease to exist, which makes real estate a sector and sphere that is constantly marketing and selling.

When choosing to buy a residence, or investing in property, realtors acknowledge that quite a lot of emotion and sentiment goes behind such decisions; for many buyers, these sort of stakes run high and only crop up once in a lifetime. Coupled with the huge bite it takes out of savings and salaries, real estate is a business that runs on high stakes and risks. The business is widespread and varied; if buyers are not effectively engaged with the services one business is offering, they can very well turn towards another.

With technology digging its talons deep in the ever-evolving world of business, it is crucial to understand the importance and gain from establishing an online presence. In order to better connect with and engage existing and potential buyers, real estate websites may proffer a variety of content.

So with a business that is so inherently competitive, an online presence simply does not make the cut alone. These websites must be primed and prepped to be Search Engine Optimized. To ensure that theirs is the first website that an engine’s search results offer, these businesses must be careful to produce and format content in ways that appeal to both software engines and humans.

Having established that, here are 3 common SEO mistakes that destroy real estate websites.


  1. Overcrowding with keywords

Overcrowding with keywords

Search engines have become increasingly smart, with algorithms constantly being updated and refined. Simply stuffing a website’s content with keywords will no longer be effective; prominent players like Google have honed their search engines to only rank those websites or articles higher which allow for a more natural, human reading.

This means that websites and content producers now have to write for target audiences, as opposed to writing for search engines. This makes the task of producing content slightly more challenging; it has to be a coherent, engaging read, sprinkled with a few keywords that do not make the content appear garbled and confusing.

Picking out appealing, relevant topics and titles and then producing content that is just as refined and engaging – these are the modern-day priorities of any real estate business hoping to get their website search engine optimized.


  1. Linking to unsafe external sites

2. Linking to unsafe external sites

This one is quite simple: given that you are trying to attract real potential customers to your website and business, it is best not to give in to click-bait gimmicks and link your site to several unsafe external areas online.

For reasons of gaining greater financial gain, some real estate websites partner with questionable advertisers, who redirect online traffic to harmful and unsafe sites externally. Not only does this not fare well in terms of getting your website optimized by Dubai Web Design Company for any safe search engine, but it also ruins customer loyalty and the chances of people accessing your website in the future.

  1. Not letting a professional handle it

3. Not letting a professional handle it

The right kind of SEO does not come cheap and is not up the alley of any novice. Do not try to place a restrictive budget on a professional, particularly if your business depends entirely on an effective and engaging online presence.

Professional SEO-based writers, such as Branex, understand the updates of search engine algorithms, and how to produce appealing quality content. Hiring a professional should be considered as a mandatory investment to ensure the right kind of traffic is directed towards your website and business.

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