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February 8, 2016
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April 25, 2016

Top 8 Web Design Trends Predictions for 2016

As more and more content continues to involve in the web, experts believe that incorporating a minimalist approach can greatly help your business website or mobile application succeeded in 2016.

No matter if it is a flat design or multi-dimensional figures and shapes, there are many design trends designers and web experts are expecting to see this year. Moreover, according to the business type and background, single page website concepts and full screen videos are instantly elevating the quality of a site.

Web design principles are timeless indeed, but the last few years have proved to be the golden years for web design industry. Many organizations are beginning to value design as a competitive advantage.  A comprehensive design strategy moves beyond the traditional web and print principles. It is expanding to mobile applications and other advanced platforms. The all-time favorite designs will continue this year, but we are also expecting many innovative new ideas will appear in 2016.


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