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8 Interesting Web Design Apps & Tools for Web Designing of All Time

Finding the right web design tools is a difficult task. There are countless such tools which are present on the Internet and are easily downloadable. But, finding the right tool that can enable you to work smarter rather than harder is a tricky bit. It enables you to solve your customer’s problem, delight users and perform soul-sapping tasks in the blink of an eye.

Each year, the technological world announces new web design tools which reduces the time and effort for future web designers. Today we are going to take out time and go through some of the best web design tools that are trending this year. Some of these tools have enough potential that it can save you your time, energy and budget. And, it can eventually help you design some of the best projects.

Are You a Web Designer? Here Are Some Interesting Tools to Assist You

Adobe XD

Planning to import a device-specific artboard size platform for initiating a web design project, look no further than the Adobe XD. It comes with its own vector design and wireframing tool. The best thing about Adobe XD is that you can even import popular UI kits, for instance, Google’s Material Design. Once you have successfully created the perfect wireframe for your website design, Adobe XD allows you to quickly select elements and create multiple page transitions. You can also create separate page transitions for working prototypes and share them with others via a link.


Keeping the modern day designers’ requirement in mind, Represent allows you to create minimalist responsive web designs that talks business to your customers. If you are looking to create a portfolio of web pages, then Represent is your thing. You can consider Represent as a platform which allows you to perfectly visualize everything that your client wants in a portrait frame. Just for a reasonable price of $9.99 annual fee, you can gain access to the tool and design sophisticated, simple and strikingly amazing professional web pages. You can also link these web pages out to different social media platforms.


If you are a business seeking professional web design services from an American based firm, then look no further than Krop. It is a California based firm that offers multiple services related to web design. With Krop, you will not have to look for a separate job board software to create tasks for others or yourself. It comes with an in-built job board at a reasonable price of $8.25 a month. It allows you to create stunning website themes and can also integrate videos in the background. You can also post your resume in their online database. Its free version is a great place to start.


If you are looking for a platform to add an element of humor into your resume design, then look no further than this free service. Ease.ly allows you to create unique resume designs. It comes with more than 1000 different templates to create resume design and then share those graphics across the Internet. Some mobile app development companies in UAE are fond of using Ease.ly for their client’s work. It is a great option for all those who are seeking to have a more creative control over their infographic components. With Ease.ly, you can create resume designs that are strikingly awesome.


While designing allows you to create aesthetically pleasing web design for customers, apps like Avocado enables you to code them so you can send these designs out on the Internet. It comes directly from the manufacturers of PNG Hat and CSS Hat. Although, you can find a wide range of coding apps on the market; however, Avocado is pretty different than others because of its remarkable export feature. With just a click you can easily integrate your Adobe PD to Avocado and then easily code it.


Vivaldi is basically a browser. But, sometimes the most simple tools can turn into an entirety within themselves. It is a fast and customizable browser powered by the same team who worked on Opera. It is built by using the same web technologies like JavaScript, React, Node.js and many other NPM modules.

Vivaldi is a standalone customizable browser which provides you a wide range of features including command line control, a panel for taking notes, tab stacking and tiling, and web panels so you can place priority web pages on the frontline.


If you are looking for the world’s most important front-end framework tool, then BootStrap is the only one which serves the purpose profoundly. It has revolutionized the front-end development industry greatly and there is no denying the fact about how exceptionally it has served businesses around the world. It is a free tool which allows you to create websites and mobile apps. Plus, in BootStrap, you get completely separate design templates for forms, typography, buttons, navigation and other interface components. Plus, you also get the JavaScript extension to help you with the design process.


Want to blend digital objects with your surrounding environments? Time to get the ARKit. It is sweeping half the world off its feet with introducing technologies which can overlap visually stunning graphics with your real life environment. Imagine a Star Wars Darth Wader standing next to you with its blazing lightsaber? ARKit is a framework which allows you to do that and much more. However, as much as the ARKit is known, it is but limited to only Apple products. You will need to upgrade iOS to 11 and download X Code 9 in order to use it.

Today most web design companies in UAE are leveraging the power of the latest technologies. These are some of the important web design tools and apps that one should have if they are about to set sails for the adventurous web design voyage. Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

Ashad Ubaid
Ashad Ubaid
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