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GITEX 2019: Meet and Engage with All the Brilliant Minds Under One Roof

From 6th– 10th October 2019, Dubai World Trade Centre will be filled with visionaries, startups, and game-changers. In the 39th GITEX 2019 Technology week, 4800 exhibitors from 140 Countries will meet and synergize like never before. 400 Global Investors & Accelerators from 19 tech categories with expected 100,000 guests from across the globe.

In this year’s GITEX there will be essential debuts from China Mobile, Honeywell, Nokia, Schneider Electric and Siemens, Ericsson and among other enthusiasts, there will be Branex – Web Design Company In Dubai. Our experts will be there to guide startups on how to scale your business fast.

In addition to the endless hours of learning, there will be 10 hours of AI workshops that will cover AI’s application in marketing, automation, agriculture, and construction. Furthermore, there will be a GITEX 2019 5G countdown conference with an agenda to launch 5G technology in Dubai. The vision of smart cities and workplace happiness and autonomous vehicles, as well as security concerns of 5G.

Gitex 2019

Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) 2019 conference features 290 hours of non-stop out of which 90 hours are free-of-cost and transformational. There will be topics that include Future Mobility, NXG (Next Generation), and the 5G Countdown.

“GITEX 2019 Technology Week is an international confluence of the greatest minds in technology, global business leaders in the industry, and rising stars from the tech ecosystem. Gitex Future Stars has already built a reputation as the definitive platform in the Middle East and North Africa for startup content, and this year will spotlight how Gen Z will define our future,” said Trixie LohMirmand, senior vice president, Events and Exhibitions, Dubai World Trade Centre.

GITEX 2019 will be a business-critical technology event with experts from industries like Digital Marketing, Education, Energy, FinTech, Healthcare, and Retail. You can feel the energy, innovation level, spirit of innovation not only in the region but all over the world.

Are you ready for the biggest tech show in the Middle East, North Africa & South Asia?

Here, take a look at the views of Branex CEO regarding GITEX 2019:

“An ever-increasing number of businesses are vying for the top spot by leveraging the power of digital media and mobility. UAE is the hub of digital transformation and is brimming with ample opportunities for anyone with a unique idea. Branex has cemented its position as a facilitator who has been assisting SMEs successfully launch their unique business ideas. For the first time, Branex will showcase its experience and prowess accumulated over the past few years in the realm of digital media applications and marketing.”  ~Raheel Najmi, CEO, Branex

Peruse the most advanced-level of innovation and brand new startups, and attend demos of augmented, virtual and mixed realities targeting key industries like tourism, automotive, and education. If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date with the latest developments, you can attend free conferences on how to advance your business and stay ahead of the competition.

Are you ready for a shopping extravaganza at GITEX 2019?

GITEX Shopper is the region’s most prominent shopping spree and a dose of heaven for geeks. You’ll get irresistible deals and offers on smartphones, laptops, tablets, HD TVs, wearables & smartwatches, digital cameras, and gaming consoles and everything from the top sellers out there. If you’re visiting GITEX 2019, GITEX Shopper is a must-attend event.

The show will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center from 11 am to 11 pm on ALL DAYS.

The show is open to the public. Entrance for children below 5yrs is FREE. Children above 14yrs must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Experience the first-ever GITEX  Awards

You can call it Oscars of technology – the GITEX Awards will celebrate, motivate the industry disruptors and the leaders who are at the forefront of digital innovation. The inaugural Awards will honor ambitious projects from all corners of the tech ecosystem across 9 key categories.

For details, check out the GITEX 2019 awards page.

The IT spending of the Middle East and North Africa is expected to reach $160 B in 2019. GITEX 2019 is a steppingstone towards the growth of the economy in Dubai. The trends which will embody a world of ubiquitous devices and driverless, next-generation transport and world’s most brilliant minds under one roof.

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