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How to Make an App Like Foodonclick in Dubai

How to make an app like Foodonclick in Dubai

On-demand food delivery apps in UAE blend two things that the world loves on one platform – food and comfort. By rendering the entire process of ordering food come on the tap and flick of millions, with an unlimited choice of cuisines to choose from, on-demand food delivery mobile applications have become all the rage with the ever-expanding pool of mobile app users, regardless of their demographic.

Here are some statistics to prove that –

The industry is undergoing rapid changes in the UAE due to customer behavior and cutting-edge technologies. With hectic work schedules and family commitments, more and more locals and expats prefer to place an online order rather than toiling away in the kitchen all day. This is why food businesses and beverage companies in Dubai are now incorporating food delivery services and food apps into their business operations to make profits and stay ahead of the pack in the UAE food industry. Partnering with food delivery services can help restaurant businesses generate more revenue and attract a wider consumer base.

Consumers of today prefer to order food through a website or a mobile app and this is why the usage of mobile apps is growing at a faster pace. This trend is transforming the food delivery market across the globe and many businesses are thinking to build a food ordering mobile app.

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Foodonclick is the best online food ordering platform that allows consumers to place an order anywhere in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Doha, and Beirut. The app allows you to find menus and special offers from more than 1500 restaurants and order your favorite food. You will find a lot of offers and menu items from different restaurants with a single click. Whether you are an Arabic cuisine aficionado or more of a Chinese takeout person, or perhaps beef it up pizzas and burgers, you can get anything you are craving for, simply by placing an order on the Foodonclick portal. Ordering food in Dubai from your favorite restaurant has now become easier with the31e Foodonclick app.

Let us look at the list of Foodonclick features from the side of all the four stakeholders.  

Customer Side:

  • Login
  • Search Menu
  • Cart
  • Payment Integration
  • Order Tracking
  • Rating and Review
  • Customer Support

Restaurant Side:

  • Login
  • Menu Management
  • Push Notification
  • Checking rating and review

Delivery Side:

  • Registration
  • Order Management
  • Updating the Order Status

Admin Side:

  • Admin Login
  • Restaurant Management
  • Application Management
  • Payment Management
  • Discount Offers and Coupons
  • Technical Assistance

Factors to Consider while Developing a Food Delivery App like Foodonclick

An investment firm has estimated that there is going to be a massive 79% growth in the online food-delivery market in the next five years, making this business highly lucrative. If you are a food startup and thinking to create an app like Foodonclick, here are some crucial factors you should keep in mind while creating and launching a food delivery app.

  • Keep your target goals in mind and the advantages your app will offer
  • Carefully research your target audience and their preferences
  • Choose the right technology and platform
  • Go for simple and clean mobile app design
  • Minimal UI/UX
  • Offer flawless payment systems
  • Ensure smooth menu processing and order selection

Core Features You Should Incorporate in Your Food Delivery App

If you want to create a food delivery app that sets your food business apart from hundreds of thousands of food delivery businesses on the block, you need to add functions and features to your app that fulfill users’ needs and give them a positive user experience.

Here are some important features that should be embedded in your food delivery app.

Custom Search

This feature allows users to look for specific cuisines, restaurants, menus, prices, and special deals, making it easier to find what they are looking for.


Allow users to know what your partner restaurants are offering, the detailed information of the restaurants and their cuisines along with mouthwatering pictures to let customers know what they can expect to get. Also keep restaurant pages updated with exclusive deals, offers, and coupon codes so that users can make the most of them.

Easy Order Placement

Make it easier for consumers to place an order via the app. Provide users with an option to add or delete items, and provide them with an order summary before the consumer completes the order. You can add an estimated delivery time that can serve as an excellent feature for your app.

Geolocation Feature

It helps users when they can choose a nearby restaurant that delivers to their home or office. Be sure to mention to delivery charges for their area if the restaurant doesn’t offer free delivery.

Inbuilt Tracker

It is always a great idea to keep track of your order status with the help of Google Maps integration. Integrating inbuilt tracker in your food delivery app will save a delivery guy and the user from trouble.

Easy Payment Options

Providing easy payment options such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal, and a credit card is a sensible idea to make it easier for consumers to pay the bill through multiple payment methods. Whatever payment options you choose, make sure the payment process is fast and secure.

SMS Notifications

Notifying your consumers through SMS, such as order confirmation messages or notifications about dispatches, makes the ordering process easier and smoother for the consumers.

Loyalty Reward Program

Providing consumers with rewards, discounts, membership options can persuade users to come back for more orders and become your loyal fan.

Probable Technologies Used in Food Delivery Application Development

  • For Analytics – Google Analytics
  • For Restaurant Listing – FourSquare API orGrubhub API
  • For Storage – Amazon Cloud Storage
  • For Payment – PayPal Square API, Stripe, Braintree
  • For Cloud – Azure, AWS
  • To Find Directions – MapKit, Google Maps,
  • For Registration – Facebook SDK Login To Find user
  • Location – Google Places API, Core Location Framework

In Closing

Believe it or not, food delivery business has now become a gamechanger that is reshaping the food and beverage industry ofµ Dubai and is encouraging restaurant businesses to develop food apps and online portals to fulfill customers’ expectations. Due to the latest technological advancements, food apps have now become an utmost requirement for food service industry to optimize business operations, improve offerings, and offer an excellent customer experience.

Today consumers are more interested in ordering their meal via apps, personalize their meals according to their preferences and expect quick delivery service. To meet customers’ demands and offer a lot of conveniences, food businesses need to create a food ordering app for consumers. If you want to build an app like Foodonclick, contact Branex, a professional mobile app development company that can turn complex ideas into functional mobile app solutions.

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